– This kills the Access Point

Destroyed Access Point

Lightning strikes

It is still unknown why this odd creature emits such strange signals, nor do we know exactly why it must nestle in such precarious spots. It might have something to do with the odd symbiotic relationship it has developed with a form of mammal, living inside the habitat to which the Access Point decides to attach itself.

Electrical current is exchanged for a form of microwave which seems to keep this particular species of mammal rather docile. It has recently dawned on scientists specialising in this form of co-habitation that the mammal species is but the last link in a chain started by the Access Point. A whole range of different species of current consuming creatures rely on its soothing emissions for survival. It is a world we have yet to learn the first thing about, a very exciting new field of ‘Office Biology’ as it has come to be known.

Now that our Access Point has fallen, the mammals start to stir. Truly their response time is remarkable. Aided by the terrified outbursts of bio-luminescence coming from the other current species. Quickly the mammals scour the surroundings in search of what has gone awry. Soon, after a thorough search they happen upon their fallen comrade.

Strange, almost ritualistic, behaviour is seen now. It seems as if each member of the group has its own way of coping. Some are angry, others depressed. Others yet again seem to have a strange morbid sensation with the Access Point carcass and even parade it around as a sort of trophy.

Soon the fallen warrior is forgotten. A new young pretender will arise to fill the void left behind by his predecessor. And all is well in the Data Processing Reserve.

It is clear we still have much to learn about this fascinating ecosystem. Scientists are still baffled by even the simplest things.The role of the mammals – acting as a sort of slave to the whole cycle of life is most intriguing of all.

For now, it shall all remain a mystery.

Credit to /u/GrethSC,  Source